Kimcha D’pishcha

Help Make someone’s Pessach Beautiful 

Kimcha D’pishcha

Greetings and Blessings! The holiday of Pesach is coming closer. Soon we will be sitting around the Seder table. At the beginning of the Seder we will announce “all who are hungry are welcome to enter.” Surely no one will come knock on our door.

Will our declaration have been meaningful if we do not do all we can now, to see to it that every Jew sits around a Seder table? Our custom throughout the generations has been to make a special appeal before Pesach in order to collect money to help poor people with their holiday needs. This custom was instituted not just so the individual could fulfill the Mitzvah of charity, which is done throughout the year. In addition it is a way for him to personally experience the true feelings of the happiness and freedom of the holiday for himself. For how can we sit by the Seder table when in a nearby house is a family or a person that cannot afford their holiday needs? or was not familiar with the experience of a Pesach? As Pesach approaches we offer you the opportunity to join in this important Mitzvah. We turn to you for help in our Pesach appeal.

Please help us bring the feeling and the joy of Pesach to the hundreds of Jews who are awaiting the arrival of their Matzos and other holiday needs. Every donation is welcome and shows an expression of participation. For your convenience we enclose a self-addressed envelope. חג הפסח כשר ושמח! With Thanks and Blessings Rabbi Shraga Zalmanov