Machatzit Hashekel

The Half-Shekel is a special mitzvah which is donated every year in the month of Adar to the Temple to pay for public sacrifices.
The mitzvah comprises of all adult males in Israel, while the Temple existed, would give a half-shekel each year to pay for:
Tamid (daily), Musaf (additional), Omer, the two breads, the face bread, and more.
The collection of the shekels began every year at the start of the month of Adar.
New sacrifices would be purchased form these funds at the beginning of the month of Nissan.
Nowadays, it is customary to give a “remembrance” of the half-shekel by giving tzedakah during the Mincha (afternoon) prayer service on the Fast of Esther.
The “half-shekel” will be added to your participation in the meal packages we send to hundreds of families every week.